Smalley’s Caribbean BBQ


Authentic Caribbean style jerk to an American style palette. Moderately priced and inviting to all comers (Pirate or otherwise), Smalley’s offers an interesting take on traditional cuisine.

Outdoor Patios

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy sitting in front of restaurants or the back…we have both.  Mock those walking by on Main Street or hide from those same walkers at the back patio in the Brick Alley.  If you can’t choose, we will be forced to choose for you.

Private Parties

Private Parties are welcome at Smalley’s.  We even created a space for them upstairs in our Lounge or in our super mint Pirate Bar!  If you are looking to celebrate your recent plunder or your recent acquisition of booty, call us and we will be sure to save one of these spaces for you.

Gluten Free

Are you looking to enjoy a fantastic Gluten Free dinner?  No need to look any further!  We feature many great items that are gluten free, just ask Hazel, who happens to be allergic to wheat, dairy and nuts, but still enjoys an awesome dinner.

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